Welcome to the home of Thinkfest 2015 which is scheduled to be held on January 26, 2015 at the premises of Lingamurthy Business Space at T-Nagar, Chennai. This event would not be possible without our sponsors.

Thinkfest is the annual event of Chennai Freethinkers, a regional group of Nirmukta which is an organization dedicated to promote science, freethought and secular humanism in India. Our programme features eminent speakers who speak on topics relating to Science and Humanism. Earlier speakers included Prof.Dayanandan, Narendra Nayak, Babu Gogineni (2011), Dr.Thangaraj, S.Anand (2013), Last year we had a Panel discussion on LGBT rights and Dr.T.V.Venkateswaran's Talk.

A Conference or seminar is not just about the ‘speech.’ Beyond the stimulating talks by the featured speakers, we would like you to interact and indulge in discussions with fellow participants.Often in our routine lives we do not find people who share our passion for science or for our humanistic values. However Nirmukta events are oases of reason and humanism and that is why we plan Thinkfest as a day long event where there would be time for participants to connect with each other.


The sessions have been designed to be interactive, with the intention of keeping high audience participation.

Registration and Schedule

Seating is limited, so you should register soon. Take a moment to read the FAQ, and view the schedule. Interested? Register for the event.