26th January

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"What do we deserve?"

For our learning, natural talents, and labor, what rewards and entitlements can we fairly claim?

Namit will explore the concepts of “merit” and “success”, and what we can take credit for or not.He wil
l present three models of economic justice by which a society might allocate its rewards—libertarian, meritocratic, and egalitarian—and consider the pros and cons of each model using examples from both India and abroad.
Namit Arora
11:40 Am
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Namit Arora
12:30 Pm

1:30 Pm
'Capitalism and Women's Labour: Historical Perspectives'.

She would trace how women's work and perceptions of women's work have evolved and changed through the centuries.
Kalpana would explore the myth of the male breadwinner and the historic rise of the housewife. She would also analyze how violence against women is intertwined with women's secondary status in the labour market.
Dr. Kalpana Karunakaran  
3:00 Pm
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3:15 Pm
 Q&A Dr. Kalpana Karunakaran
3:45 Pm
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