Speakers Secret Page!

Hi Dear Speakers!

This is a secret page that only you know about. The organizing team has put together some notes on what we want Yukti to be, and to thus help you present your topics more effectively, and some guidelines so we follow a similar pattern in talks.

Use a computer presentation: We will provide a computer and projector for your talk. Please prepare a presentation in ppt, odf, or pdf format. You'll also be provided with a whiteboard if you'd like to use it for your talk.

Keep it interactive: We'll have an audience of working professionals who've allocated their weekend to come to a science workshop. We'd like to not take them back into a classroom. Try to include demos, anecdotes, experiments or open questions to keep the audience involved. You have the freedom to choose if you'd like to allow the audience to ask question during the talk, or a the end. Either way, please ensure there is participation of some kind from the audience.

Be available: We'd like you to interact with our audience apart from the session. We'd love for you to be present at Yukti on both days, but if that is not possible due to time constraints, please make yourself available on one of the days, or during lunch sessions. This will allow the participants to follow up with questions.

Non confrontational: With Yukti, the organisers have decided to remain as friendly as possible to those on-the-fence on various issues discussed. While it may seem relevant and tempting, we prefer you not make any blanket statements. Rather the focus should be on objective analysis of the subject. Audiences react much more favourably to reason, than to statements that seem inflammatory.

These are general guidelines that the organisers believe will lead to the best atmosphere to reach our goal of developing scientific temper. You are of course free to supercede these if your feel that your talk is restricted in anyway by these.

Thank you again for your participation. We will strive to make your participation as enjoyable as possible.